The design stage is crucial in realising the potential of the garden, helping to show how the different features proposed will interact.
During the initial free consultation, we will pay close attention to your ideas and thoughts on how you would like your new garden to be. We will also propose ideas and concepts to harmonise, facilitate and improve the new garden environment.
An accurate set of measurements will be taken, and within a short period an accurate scale plan drawing of your new garden will be presented to you.
A further meeting will then take place over the plan, where we will discuss the project as proposed and make any amendments.
The design will now be yours, and any competent landscaper will be able to quote accurately to carry out the work. However, we will of course be delighted to produce quotations for implementation of the design.


Hand drawn detailed scale plan, illustrating hard landscaping features and plant groupings and how they interact with the existing garden, accompanied by text relating to building procedures, materials, plant quantities and sizes and planting techniques.